Leisure Station – my pick for boba tea in Boston

I waited until I tried them at least three times and so far, I haven’t been disappointed.

If you love boba/bubble/pearl tea (like me) prepare to be wowed by this new find. Even if you don’t, this might be the tea that wins you over.

Leisure Station
625 Kendall St., Cambridge, MA 02142

Milk tea with pearls, jasmine tea with lychee jelly, honey citron fruit tea with aloe vera, peppermint milk tea with rainbow jelly – they are all exceptional at Leisure Station in Kendall Square. In fact, nowadays I just look for an excuse to head there in hopes of grabbing one of the teas on the way.

It’s apparently the first of it’s kind in the region with a concept and boba secrets imported straight from Taiwan.  And you can order your tea online and pick it up curbside. Their fusion rolls are pretty hot too – if a tad expensive. (See my review at the Chronicle).

I even went to Chinatown this weekend to try the new tea place folks are raving about and was pretty disappointed with the less sweet and harder boba and the overly bitter jasmine tea.

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